5 Ways To Have More Fun At Work

Who doesn’t want to have more fun at work?

I mean, really, it is ok to have fun at work.

Whatever the old rubbish you may have been told about work: for instance, its not supposed to be fun, or that it is supposed to be hard, forget it. You’re at work for such a lot of your time, so you need to make sure that you’re having fun, feeling fulfilled, enjoying yourself.

If you are a business owner, it really is all in your control.

On this note, I’ve put together a series of tips to help you make sure that you are, in fact, having fun at work in your business.

Tip 1: Decide! Make the choice.

Sounds simplistic, doesn’t it? Well it is, and don’t discount this tip for that reason: the simpler you can make it the better.

I’ve worked with people who have transformed their experience of work just by taking that decision every day. Here’s how you can do it:

At the start of the day, set the intention

“I am going to have fun at work today”

If there is any activity you are going into during the day and feeling less than enthusiastic, set the intention to have fun and ask yourself this: how can I have fun in this activity?

Top tip: you do not necessarily need to answer the question. Simply pose it and let your unconscious mind come up with the answers at the right time.

Throughout the day, ask yourself

“Am I having fun right here, right now?”.

“Am I enjoying my work?”.

If not, either stop what you are doing, or, if you have to do it, start looking at it differently. Perhaps in the long term its one of those things that you and your bottom line would benefit from outsourcing?

Tip 2: Smile!

Even if you have to force it at first, smiling makes you feel better.

Smile at colleagues, friends and customers make sure you say good morning in a cheery voice. It will make you feel better and you are likely to get a positive response. This will enhance your own sense of enjoyment.

Top tip: smile before you dial: you might have heard it before, but smiling when you’re on the phone really does make a difference. It changes your energy and helps you get positive responses.

Tip 3: The values test

If your work values aren’t being met, you are unlikely to be enjoying your business. Work values are the things that are important to you about work. What it needs to do for you.

Top tip: find somewhere quiet and ask yourself what’s important to you about your business. Write down everything that comes to mind. Which are your top four? How well are they being met? What can you do to improve that? If you really want to make sure your career as a business owner is meeting your ideal job profile, join my free 5 day Get Your Career Unstuck challenge.

Tip 4: Good skills, Bad Skills

Is what you are actually doing rewarding for you?

Do you like doing all the elements of your job?

Sometimes, even things we used to enjoy, and are very good at, become boring and routine, so it’s worth checking regularly.

The questions to ask are:

  • How can I do more of the things I love doing?
  • How can I do less of the things I don’t enjoy so much?

Come up with three of four answers to each question and you have got your options.

Now all you need to do is take action on at least one of those options for each.

Top tip: as a business owner, learning the art of delegation and outsourcing can be really valuable here.

Tip 5: Check the scales

How does your business balance with the rest of your life?

How does your business and work integrate with all the other elements?

If you find that you are spending too much time at work and doing far more hours than you should be, or you spend a lot of energy away from work, worrying about it, then it is time to make some changes.

Once you start enjoying work more, you will start to notice that this has a positive effect in your business and other parts of your life.

What do you do to enjoy work more? I would love to know so I can share with others! Share your tips on my Careers Facebook Page along with how it has helped you in your business and outside of work.

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Dave Cordle


Dave is an UK and internationally accredited career coach and currently President of The Career Development Institute, the UK’s professional body for Career Professionals.

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