Facebook and Live Music when videoing

If, like me, you are always doing LIVE videos on Facebook TAKE CARE. Facebook are using a software which nows listens to your video and if you have any music in the background or you are filming a band Facebook will mute your live feed and send you a copyright dispute. The key is don’t panic, take a deep breath and look at the content. 

Now in fairness to Facebook they have had bad press regarding copyright issues so they are only trying to protect themselves from claims. 

If you are going to use someones elses music which you have no right to use then well done to Facebook for protecting that musicians rights. BUT like me there is music in the background or you have rights to the music what can you do.


Back in 2019 I was filming the start, LIVE, of the Cancer Research Race For Life on my iPhone 8 Max in 4k with a Rode mic attached all on a camera mount fixed to a tripod. Easy simple set up not including the cost of the phone under £100. It gets great results and would recommend. There will be another blog later regarding using your phone for videoing. 

All started well count down to the start 10,9,8 etc then as soon as the gun went off they started playing ‘This Is Me’ from the Greatest Showman. Perfect song for the start. Everyone running or walking past my camera waving, smiling and of course “hello mum” Then up pops the sign “this video has been muted”. In fact all you can hear is the count down and for some reason the picture quality from the mute section is awful. Why? well is a simple case of Facebook thinking there is a copyright protection claim and are safeguarding themselves from any claim. 

So what can you do? This happens to me quite often. At first I panicked how am I going to take on the might of Warner Music Group? but is really very simple to fix.

In the dispute claim notification you can respond if you feel legally you have the rights to record the music. This could be

  • If filming a band or a singer make sure they have the rights to use the song and they are ok for you to film. 
  • If you are using royalty free music from a website make sure that there are no rules you have to follow to be allowed to play the music, for example with Bensound.com you have to credit the website to be able to use the music

When you click the dispute button you have several options why you feel you are entitled to record the music. There is also Explanation box where in 200 words you can give more of an explanation. Hit the submit and then wait……….sometimes it’s done straight away other times it can take several days

In this case I responded saying that it was a public event and the music in the background was being played by local radio station who had the right to play it and that the organisers had asked us to attend and film. They agreed several day’s later that It was fine for me to use and unmuted the video.

So what can you do to stop this from happening? 

When filming check what is happening around you is there any music playing which might cause a problem? if so move away so it can be hardly heard. 

Do you need to film live? Live is great but you must make sure you have a strong wifi signal. Many times I have been filming events live and while following or moving around the subject the wifi drops and the live feed pauses. So think does it have to be live or can you record it, edit it on your phone and then post. To some of your followers they may think it is live. Also I have noticed I get less copyright claims doing it this way then filming live.

Video is important to have on your social media especially Facebook.  Did you know more videos are viewed on Facebook than YouTube. It is great at  helping your page reach more people and if your videos are longer than 3 minutes there is a small chance of a revenue from your films. I will cover this in another post later. 

Don’t let Facebook copyright claims put you off filming just be aware what you are filming and more importantly what you are recording.

Thank you for reading this post if you use any software not mentioned above which will help others please comment below. Again any advice you may have on this subject please let us know below.

Paul is the founder and owner of What’s On In My Town Group, launched in 2012, which includes My Business Sport.  As well as Social Media Paul is also a Photojournalist with images and video being published in print and on TV nationally and internationally. To contact Paul CLICK HERE 

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